Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SharePoint Guide – April

The latest update of the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide has been released for subscribers. One of the major additions this month, is a new chapter titled - tutorials. In here you’ll find out how to do things to improve your use of SharePoint. The first three tutorials are:


- Connecting to Outlook - How to link SharePoint with Outlook

- Creating linked fields - How to utilize look up fields in SharePoint

- Configuring a basic workflow - Implementing a basic workflow


Over time this chapter will continue to grow with step by step instructions about how you can get the most from Windows SharePoint.


I’m also excited to announce that next month (May) will be the first birthday of the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide (who would have ever thought?). I’m planning some special offers to attract new subscribers plus a swag of additions as a thank you to existing subscribers, so stay tuned for more details. As always, I thank my subscribers for their ongoing support of the Guide, without them it would not be possible and remind them to go to the download site for the latest updates which are now available.


If you have any questions about the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide or suggestions for inclusions please contact me (