Friday, April 17, 2009

Mobile SharePoint

One of the great new features of SharePoint is that it has support for mobile devices built right in. You don’t need to do any special configuration.


So here’s what you see when you visit this blog with a web browser using the URL




However, if you are using a mobile device to access the information you probably want something more stripped down to reduce the download time. If you do, then simply add /m to end of any SharePoint site. So, in the case of my blog go to and you’ll see:




which is a listing of the recent entries and if you click on one you’ll see:




You’ll get the same information but you’ll get in a “leaner” form, which is perfect for mobile devices.


As I said in the beginning the mobile accessibility is automatically configured with SharePoint right out of the box, nothing more to do. Also, don’t forget that all this functionality comes with a product that is free for you to download and is already included with SBS 2008. How could you ask for any more?