Saturday, April 25, 2009


Over 90 years ago a group of Australian and New Zealand soldiers went to war as a nation for the very first time. They went up against another group of determined soldiers now forced to defend their country from the invaders at Gallipoli.


The tenacity of both sides resulted in 9 months of stalemate eventually seeing the ANZACs withdrawn and sent to northern France. Here they again distinguished themselves but at a horrific cost along with other unfortunates caught in the mincing machine that became known as the Great War. So scared by the experience, those that returned home refused to speak about the horrors they had witnessed and the mates they had lost.


The 25th of April is the one day of the year when we as Australian’s are asked to pause and remember the sacrifice that all members of our armed forces have made in executing the duties asked of them. We remember all those who have never returned along with those currently serving in locations all over the world. Their sacrifice and sense of duty provide no greater example of what it means to serve your country.


Let us never forget those who have been prepared to put themselves in harm’s way at our request. Let us never forget those who died in places far from their homes. Let us not forget those who continue to follow in the footsteps of the first ANZACS serving us today. We can never appreciate, understand or fathom the sacrifice but we can remember them, and on the 25th of April we shall remember them.