Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twitter comes down under

Well it finally seems that people down here in Australia are beginning to adopt Twitter as the following article highlights.
It appears the heightened awareness has come from people providing Victoria bush fire updates via Twitter as this article says. All of a “sudden” conventional media outlets have “discovered” Twitter and I expect to see them all flocking there shortly.

As I have said before I’m still undecided as to the business value of Twitter, yet I do see the benefits in certain circumstances. Because Twitter has mainly US based it really didn’t have a great deal of local value. However, I expect that start changing very fast as more people get on board. I think that Australians will take to Twitter pretty quickly given their love of SMS.

Any mainstream adoption of Twitter will also raise further questions about filtering in the workplace. Will Twitter be added to the black of sites such as Facebook, Myspace and so on? Or will employers embrace it as a way to do business better? Given the current economic climate I would tend to think most would probably simply block it without considering where it may actually be able to improve business.

Like it or not it seems that Twitter is going to be the next “big” thing on the Internet so if you get in now you’ll look like a star! If you feel so inclined please add me to you follow list via