Sunday, February 3, 2008

Restoring Exchange 2003 video

In celebration of reaching 50,000 views of the YouTube videos I have created and uploaded a new video (number 39) that shows the basics of Exchange 2003 restoration. Firstly, you'll see how to create a 'dial-tone' Exchange database, which is basically an empty mail database that allows Exchange to run and allows users to get on with sending and receiving emails. The video also covers how to a complete restoration of Exchange server.

You can view the video by clicking here or going to the Videos - Links section of the Supportweb web site.

When you watch the video you'll probably notice more zooming and panning shots. I think that I now understand how to do all this now but probably need some more time to get it smooth but overall it should be a little easier to follow exactly what I'm showing. The new version of Camtasia certainly has some great features and hopefully I'll soon be able to implement the complete range to bring you a more professional output. I have also "optimised" this video for 320x200 which apparently is what displays best in YouTube. I'll  have to go back and do some comparisons to know for sure.

Another interesting issue is that it is becoming harder and harder to get the videos into the the YouTube restriction of only 10 minutes. I am finding that I have to cut more and more out (which is easy with Camtasia admittedly) but if the result seems a little choppy that is why. However, hopefully I think the overall quality is improving but as always I'm open to feedback on how to improve what I create.

So sit back and enjoy video 39.