Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest we forget

Eighty years today, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh month 1918, the guns feel silent on the First World War. It was the conflict that heralded the realization that future battlefields would be dominated by technology that could and main more effectively than any human. However, in the end the reasons for war are simply human. We have no one to blame than ourselves for the misery that has been wrought across the ages. We like to consider ourselves ‘enlightened’ yet the excuses to go to war continue.


Let us hope that in this new age of re-examination of issues that face society, the reasons why our world has fallen apart so quickly we remember those who never had these opportunities and died for a cause they believed in far from home. Today we pause to remember the almost 60,000 Australian killed and 150,000 wounded in the First World War alone, along with everyone else affected by war. May their memory live on and may we never forget them or the sacrifices they made under conditions we hope never to witness again.


Lest We Forget

http://www.ciaops.com/guides/battle/ – Australian Battlefields of World War 1 (France)