Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here’s a pretty cool site

Just came across this really nice offering from Trend Micro. I think the site tries too hard to be all glitzy and Web 2.0 and may be a little slow at time but it is a great resource once you get it running. The entry page is:

You’ll see that I’ve clicked on the Trend Tracker to get a load of interesting statistics.

You can navigate by clicking on the little page icons (looks a bit like the aero interface) in the top left of the window. Down the right hand side you’ll find a whole heap of handy links.

When you click on the TrendIQ section you’ll also find on the left a number of videos which aren’t too bad. They maybe something worth showing your customers to give them a better idea of the security threats faced and why Internet security is important.

I haven’t seen any advertising of this site by Trend which is strange because I think it is a great resource.