Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who needs an iPod?

Wow, I’ve just discovered a great way to listen to all your tunes using Windows Mesh. Simply use Mesh to sync a local folder with all your music to Mesh and then you can log into your account from any Internet browser and stream the audio directly over the net!

The above screen shot shows my Mesh desktop after I logged in using my browser. All I do to listen to my audio is simply select the Music folder, then change to media view and press play. Remember, all I need to listen to my music is a browser connected to the Internet.

You can currently store up to 5GB of data on Mesh and it can be any sort of data. It is interesting to consider that rather than simply being storage space Mesh actually has intelligence in determining what sort of data you have stored. How long will it be before you can preview your Word, Excel or even PDF document in Mesh? What other stuff could you do with data ‘intelligently’ in Mesh?

Just another benefit (and example of things to come) from ‘Cloud Computing’.