Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Take a loan out for > 1GB

Been doing some research into the total cost of iPhones here in Australia and found this pretty groovy site to help you compare phones and plans:


Now, if you select an iPhone and then say have an allowance of up to 1GB of data the costs over a 12 month contract are probably $1,500 - $2,000 in total (i.e. $125 – $167 per month) which is probably ok for most technology (and iStuff) obsessed people (suckers).

But if you scroll the data usage up to say 2GB the total plan cost jumps to around $6,000 in total (i.e. $ 500 per month). If you exceed your monthly data limit you are looking at an additional 35c per MB.

I have a feeling that plenty of people are going to rush out and buy an iPhone and then start happily surfing away. That warm and fuzzy feeling will probably last until the first monthly bill arrives. Which my guess is, will be closer to $500 than $125. Bottom line, it ain’t the voice calls the telco’s make money on it is the data.

Interestingly, on the plan that I looked at, it also said:

(You are not able to view your monthly usage prior to receiving your bill.)

So you are only going to know you have exceeded your limit after the fact! KA-CHING telco.

All I can say is – buyer beware of the data charges.