Sunday, June 1, 2008

Turning the frown upside down

I'm a 'glass half empty' kinda guy. Well really I'm a 'who the hell made this glass twice as big as it needed to be' type of guy but for the purposes of this let's just stick to the half empty metaphor.


Now the other day I was really pissed orf about something (if you will excuse my French, but I was). Now the rational part of my brain was saying - 'Look this is a total waste of time, there ain't anything you can do about the situation so just forget it!'. However the emotional part of my brain was saying 'Yes I know this is a waste of time but I am still pissed orf and need to vent this'. A classic power struggle, which in most cases results in my rational mind simply stepping aside until the emotional part cries itself out feeling pissed orf.


For some reason my rational mind just could put up with the wasted energy on this occasion and decided to find a solution. What it came up with was pretty clever. Now we all know we have negative feelings that do no good but we are human beings and that is just the facts but imagine if you could redirect that negative energy into something positive? Let's say that the next time you get pissed orf instead of dwelling on the fact you redirect that energy into accomplishing  or thinking something positive.


I agree that it isn't going to work every time but I have been giving it a try of late and am impressed with the results. Firstly, redirection gets my mind away from the thing that is pissing me orf and secondly I feel much better actually accomplishing or thinking about something positive. Every time I feel my emotions about a situation rising up again I redirect that energy to something far more rewarding.


Don't get me wrong, you just can't flick a switch and redirect the emotion it takes a bit of practice and patience but I can see the benefits even after a short period of time. I know that I am not always going to succeed in my aim but I think it is good a solution to at least try. Firstly, my rational mind can take the negative energy and put it towards something more useful and my emotion mind can vent all that it wants since it is being used for good and not bad.


That's the theory anyway.