Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey, what about SharePoint migration in SBS 2008?

There's a whole heap of information now coming out about SBS 2008 (since it has gone RC0). There is also information about migrating to SBS 2008 (see here). Now call me bias but what about Sharepoint migration?


SBS 2003 comes with Sharepoint v2 by default and I suspect that most customers using Sharepoint are using this version. Now you can also install Sharepoint V3 on a SBS 2003 server but when you migrate to SBS 2008 how is this data going to be migrated? A migration from an installation in Sharepoint v3 on SBS 2003 is going to be easier since SBS 2008 comes with Sharepoint V3 but what about from the good ol' Sharepoint V2? You can't simply back Sharepoint V2 data up and restore it to Sharepoint V3!


I don't think people have stopped to consider that Sharepoint migration from SBS 2003 may be a little more difficult that they think. If people are using Sharepoint V2 on SBS 2003 big time then they are going to want their data migrated, no question. Now, I'll admit I haven't run up SBS 2008 yet (soon, real soon) so I can't fully comment on how Sharepoint V3 works on SBS 2008 but I'll bet a few bucks that any migration from Sharepoint V2 hasn't been given a lot of thought.


Luckily I know somewhere that is already giving in depth consideration to the problem and will soon have something available to assist with Sharepoint migrations. Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Saturn Alliance Windows Sharepoint Operations Guide to the rescue:


So stay tuned to this blog ladies and gentlemen for further updates on Sharepoint migration in SBS 2008.