Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking notes in the cloud

I move between a lot of machines these days, work, clients, home and so on. I am finding it more and more the case that I need to move all sorts of information between them quickly and easily. This is where "cloud computing" come to the fore. If you have access to the Internet then you can use some service out there to store your data.


The latest one is Evernote. Much like Microsoft's Onenote, Evernote give you the ability to create all sorts of free form notes, copy and past information, clip stuff from the web and search it all. The great thing now about Evernote is that fact that it has gone on-line. This now means that I can create notes on any PC and upload then to the Internet. Firstly, this means that I have a backup, secondly it also means I can access them from any Internet connected PC. Even better Evernote has mobile and web versions. This means you can create and save Evernote information on your mobile, have it sync with the Internet and then access it from another PC. With the web interface you can simply log into a web page and create and edit notes and again have it sync with your desktop.


This is proving to be a real productivity gain because now if I need to make notes or take a screen shot when I'm out at a client's site I can do so in Evernote and know that I will be able to access that information when I return to the office later. No more messy pen and paper or sending emails, I simply access the web interface of Evernote and copy my information there. Simple. I also really like the availability of Evernote on my Windows Mobile device, simply because it can upload to the Internet and then I can access that information from anywhere. Now where ever I am I can document and capture information about what I'm doing, store it centrally but access it anywhere I have a PC or Internet access.


So what's the cost? At the moment Evernote is in beta so it is free! Even when it launches I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay money for the service since it so handy. You can sign up for an invite to the beta at the Evernote site or send me an email (robert@saturnalliance.com.au) and I'll send you an invite from my account.