Sunday, March 9, 2008

Look familiar?

I've just started looking at the new Office Live Workspace offering from Microsoft because I reckon it is going to be BIG. From what I've seen initially so far is pretty impressive from a small business point of view. I always wondered how Microsoft was actually going to go about building this. As you can see from the above screen shot it looks very much like Sharepoint (the Sharepoint logo does give it away eh?)!
It is clear that Microsoft sees Sharepoint as the central point for business collaboration and I have to agree with that. Interesting, I have also begun looking at Google sites which is Google's answer to Sharepoint. Early days yet for that so I can't comment to much until I have had further time to play with the offering.
If you don't think that these offering are going to impact small business the you are kidding yourself in my opinion. These things are just what small business (and probably a lot of large businesses) want. All they want is to their work without the headache of providing and maintaining the IT infrastructure themselves. Sure, there are reliability questions but I'm sure that people like Google and Microsoft are going to make sure it is reliable in the long run.
Where does that leave the average small reseller? I think the writing on the wall is getting BIGGER everyday now.