Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'd heard this whisper

Recently I came across someone who told me that many top Microsoft executives were having their machines rolled back to Windows XP because they were having all sorts of problems. Now the source was reliable but you do have to treat these sort of rumours with a little caution.
Well, today I read the following article which says much the same thing. It basically says that Microsoft Executives had experienced all sorts of problem trying to get things to work with Vista. As I have said previously, this is no surprise since finding drivers for Vista has been a challenge.
Now the whole issue isn't something that can be totally blamed on Microsoft, even though they do deserve a fair share. The problem appears to be that many other companies didn't have much faith that Microsoft was going to deliver Vista on time so they hung off as long as they could before attempting to develop drivers. As we all know Vista did take a long time to reach market and thus we'll be waiting an even longer time for drivers. Why? Well, other suppliers won't develop Vista drivers until there are enough Vista machines out there to make it worthwhile. A self fulfilling tale if I ever heard one.
So, where does that leave the poor old consumer? If they listen to me I'd say stay on XP as long as you can but if you gotta go to Vista be prepared for some pain.