Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why did I ever try this again?

Ok, time to buy some more books online again. I thought I again try the bookseller that I had so much trouble with over Christmas once more just to see whether things had improved since my last visit.
So I find a few books, add them to my cart and then keep browsing ... but hang on why does the Shopping Basket at the top of the screen say 0 Items?

As you can see the web site clearly knows who I am but doesn't think I have ordered anything. So I click on  Shopping Basket just to check and low and behold there are all the items I have selected.

So my basket isn't really empty at all! Seems like nothing much has changed since my last visit. Ok, I am prepared to over look the fact that site doesn't know what I've actually put in my basket as long as it is all there when I go to check out. So I add a few more items and then attempt to checkout and am greeted with the following Server Error in '/WebPayment' Application screen

Ok, so why did I even bother? Time to go to Amazon.