Sunday, January 6, 2008

You're watching

We're happy to announce a couple of milestones for our YouTube videos. Firstly, our total views has now exceed 40,000! Wow, that means that 40,000 people have looked at what we have placed online. Secondly, our most popular video, about getting started with Microsoft Virtual PC, has now been viewed over 6,000 times. Remarkable.

If you have watched our videos then we thank you for taking the time to view our content. As always we encourage people to send us feedback (good and bad) on our offerings. Regular viewers will be happy to know that we have recently purchased Camtasia Studio Version 5 and all our new videos will be using this fantastic product. At the moment we are just working through the product tutorials so we understand how to get the most from the product. With all the new features of Camtasia we hope to make what we present much slicker and more professional.

A recent comment on one of the videos raised an interesting point. We were asked why we solicit for donations in our recent videos. The answer is that these videos are not generally done as part of our normal business, they are done we get a few spare moments. Unfortunately, these days we have to put priority on work that provides us with revenue that pays the bills. If we were to get some revenue from these videos (no matter how small) then we could spend more time developing more videos, improving the number and content of what we provide. So if you like what you see and want to see more then we would appreciate a donation via and help us. It doesn't have to be much, even a few bucks does help.

We also have be toying with the idea of sponsorship on our videos, again to raise some capital to improve our offerings. If you know a business that may be interested in sponsoring one of our productions please contact me (Robert Crane -

The bottom line is that the videos we do will continue to be produced and placed online for free but they will continue to be done as they have been, in an ad hoc manner, when we have time. However, to everyone who has taken the time to view our videos, provide comments, ratings and feedback we thank you very much and hope that you'll keep watching.