Thursday, January 3, 2008

Look what I found out after I...

Have been apply Office 2003 SP3 in swaths across customers while they are all away being merry and I can access every workstation unrestricted. That was until I found this blog post!  Turns out that by installing Office 2003 SP3, the ability to open and save older legacy file formats will be blocked. Hmmm...why? The reason for this decision is strictly for security reasons.  Some older file formats including some from Microsoft are insecure and do not satisfy new attack vectors that hackers can use to execute malicious code.  The decision to block the formats is strictly to protect your machine from being compromised. Hmmm...the old security excuse eh? I wonder how many of my customers this is going to piss orff? Hopefully, not too many!

If you need instructions to re-enable certain file formats, please read this article KB 938810.  It involves registry modifications so, as usual, backup your registry before altering. GREAT! Another fantastic Microsoft solution - HACK THE REGISTRY! Is there ever a solution that doesn't involve this for pity's sake??

Hmm...sounds to me like Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade to Office 2007,


Because it is better? Because the ribbon interface makes using it so much better? Or because Microsoft needs the cash? I wonder!


When will company's like Microsoft start looking at this sort of stuff from what is best for the customer? Not while they have stockholders I'll bet!