Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't believe Windows Vista ain't selling?

Heard recently that last year PC (excluding Macs) manufacturers shipped 260 million PC's. Microsoft also announced that in the same time frame it sold 88 million copies of Windows Vista.

Say what??? 260 million PC's and only 88 million shipments of Vista. But wait it get's worse for Microsoft. It is my understanding that the 88 million shipments of Vista include upgrades (ie not destined for new hardware anyway).

Now Vista does have some excellent features that do make it a worthwhile purchase BUT for the average consumer it means they are going to HAVE TO buy new MORE POWERFUL hardware to run Vista on. Strangely, most consumers ask WHY? To them apart from the flashy Aero interface (which is a resource hog anyway) what benefit makes it worthwhile now? NOTHING! They'll just wait until they upgrade their PC in 3-4 years and get it then. If we go into recession then this may blow out to 4-5 years.

In my books another mistake from Microsoft not looking at what customers ACTUALLY WANT rather than telling them WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE. The market has spoken Microsoft and I certainly hope you are listening. But ....