Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is this the beginning of the end?

No not of the world as we know it but of the small SMB reseller. Microsoft appears to have answered Google's online document creation ability with :
Looks like you can run and store a whole lot of standard Microsoft applications and documents on an Internet server. Not exactly sure just yet, have only just signed up, more details when I know.
Why is this the beginning of the end? You tell me a customer who is going to buy applications if they can run them from the Internet? Especially, when they are all maintained on the server somewhere on the Internet. Especially when you can run these applications from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Especially ... (and the list goes on)
So why does a small business need an IT person now? Why do they even need an office? Sure, it may take some time to become popular but my guess is more and more switched on people (read 'younger' generation) will embrace this whole heartedly. They now have an even greater reason to ask their reseller 'Why do I need you?', if they can get to the Internet they can get to their data AND applications. So why the hell do I need a server when I can store everything on the Internet? Even if it costs me something per month it is going to be cheaper and easier than maintaining a server based network - right?
I agree there are some counter points but they are becoming weaker by the day. Mark my words, the beginning of the end is now here for the small SMB reseller.