Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exchange message size restrictions

There are 2 locations at which you can restrict the message size that Exchange server will accept and send. Unsure of exactly which one takes precedence but at least know you'll know there are two places to look :

a. Under properties on SMTP virtual server

Start | All Programs | Microsoft Exchange | System Manager
<DOMAIN> | Servers | <Server_name> | Protocols | SMTP | default
Right mouse click | Properties
Messages tab | Limit Message size to

Normally this option is not selected and therefore will not apply to your Exchange messages.

b. Under Message delivery under Global settings

Start | All Programs | Microsoft Exchange | System Manager
<DOMAIN> | Global Settings | Message Delivery
Right mouse click | Properties
Defaults tab | Sending Message or Receiving message size

On SBS this setting is configured for both send and receive and set to 10MB. Simply disable or increase the limit as required.

Interesting that it is two places and neither seems to get touched by the Connect to Internet wizard.