Monday, July 16, 2007

Unable to uninstall Livestate Desktop V3.0

Recently tried to update a customer from Livestate Desktop Recovery V3.0 to the latest Backup Exec Desktop System Recovery 7.0 and guess what? when you attempt to uninstall Livestate from Control Panel you get a message that you “must uninstall a previous version”. Say what? There was no prior version, so now what.

Well, you could go through the registry manually and remove all the entries to Livestate but let us tell you that there are heaps. A much better option is to call up Symantec Tech Support and tell them you are having issues. They will send you a batch file that uninstalls Livestate manually.

This was almost identical to the issue that we had with Livestate 6.0 Server recovery and the only solution was once again a batch file from Symantec. Hmm.. not impressed at all Symantec, not at all. We really hope that when it comes time to uninstall Backup Exec Desktop System Recovery 7.0 we don't have the same issues.