Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Year's resolutions

So it is that time of year, when though move from the holidays to resolutions for the year ahead. Are you a person who makes New Year's resolutions or not? More importantly, are you someone who keeps the resolutions or who by the second of January is already regretting promises made in haste?

Know what? It doesn't matter. Why? Because, every day should be like New Year. We need a complete range of goals, short, medium and long term but importantly we must set goals that belong to US. We also probably need to realise that we are also likley to experience a complete range of outcomes of oru goals from total success to total failure. We need to confidence to live with the results and the fortitude to keep working on those goals that haven't achieved the results we desire.

The only limiting factor that we place on our outsome are those imposed by our own minds. Nothing can be truer than the saying that “we are limited only by ourlseves” and “if we believe in something strongly enough it will materialize”. Sure, this isn't always easy to do. If it was then everyone would be achieving everything they desired and we would live in a prefect world. Of course we all know that this is far from the case don't we?

The secret about New Year's resolutions in not actually making them or even keeping them but having the courage to make decisions that will truely improve our lives and then to continue to work on them until they come to fruition. As I have said before here, anything worthwhile require sacrifice. The only question that you need to answer is whether the result is truely worth the price, if it is down the torpedos and go for it. Life is too short.