Sunday, July 15, 2007

HP Lights-out 100c Remote Management Card

Had some fun and games getting this to work on a new HP ML110G4 server. Installing the hardware is simple enough but getting access to card via the network proved very interesting. Supposedly, the iLO card gets an IP address from a DHCP server by default according to the manual. Nope - sorry, card had a static IP address assigned, which we had to change. It also took us quite a while to locate the actual IP address settings in the server BIOS (as a hint look under the Advanced menu in the system BIOS which you get to via F10 at boot).

The biggest problem we found is that we could browse to the IP address of the iLO card but couldn't log in? Hmmm... hours later after checking we had the right login, talking to HP ( who didn't know ) turns out the iLO card doesn't like IE7! Luckily it works with Mozilla ( sorry Microsoft ). HP's response to this? “We don't support IE7”.

Why is everything so hard?