Sunday, July 15, 2007

How many times do we have install this *&%@%@^& Genuine Advantage?

Come on Microsoft. We are getting sick of having to Genuine Advantage everytime we want to download something. Surely by now you'd know that we have a legitimate version of Windows XP on our machine.

It is not as though we had to register our copy of Windows XP when we installed it - Wait a moment we did!

It is not like we have installed the latest Genuine Advantage via Windows Update - Wait a minute we did!

It is not like we have never installed Genuine Advantage via a manual download before - Wait a moment we did!

We could go on ....

Geeze Microsoft if you are going to make it such a pain for LEGITIMATE users of your software to keep the stuff up to date then why would you bother?

Please, why the hell can't we just install Genuine Advantage once and be done with it? We have no issue with it being loaded on our systems and being used to verify our software BUT we think this download and install of Genuine Advantage should only HAPPEN ONCE!