Tuesday, April 10, 2018

CIAOPS Need to Know Azure Webinar–April 2018


Azure can do a lot of things including host website using a variety of methods. This month I’ll show you the different ways that you can host web sites in Azure and some best practices. There’ll also be news, updates and Q and A. I hope to see you there.

April Azure Webinar Registrations

The details are:

CIAOPS Need to Know Azure Webinar – April 2018
Tuesday 24th of April 2017
2pm – 3pm Sydney Time

All sessions are recorded and posted to the CIAOPS Academy.

There of course will also be open Q and A so make sure you bring your questions for me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

The CIAOPS Need to Know Webinars are free to attend but if you want to receive the recording of the session you need to sign up as a CIAOPS patron which you can do here:


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Also feel free at any stage to email me directly via director@ciaops.com with your webinar topic suggestions.

I’d also appreciate you sharing information about this webinar with anyone you feel may benefit from the session.