Thursday, September 1, 2016

The complete CIAOPS Academy catalogue


I get a lot of people asking me for a simple way to access all the courses I create. So, in response to that request I have created an annual subscription plan to all my online courses that you can sign up for here:

Complete Course Catalogue

The cost is an annual recurring investment of USD $599 and includes access to EVERYTHING, now and into the future. Thus, as I add more courses to the CIAOPS Academy subscribers to the Complete Course Catalogue will automatically get access as part of their subscription.

If you are looking for online, on demand Office 365, Azure, etc training for a single annual cost then sign up to the new CIAOPS Academy Complete Course Catalogue. Of course, you can still buy courses singly or in bundles, just take a look at what’s there.

Keep you eyes peeled for more courses from me in the CIAOPS Academy.